atom longboard: best and worst longboard brand


For those who are looking for a good longboard I have reviewed all the longboards and come up with some Atom longboards that will meet all your needs and you will be satisfied as a customer of Atom longboards. Before buying a longboard, you can think about the material of the longboard. In this you will get the accuracy, reliability and confidence of the product. So you need to know enough about the board of your choice.

I have reviewed your favorite brand Atom Longboard. I will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages as if it is an advantage for you to make a decision. If you are interested, you can read my full atom longboard review below. Come on knowing about loaded longboards would never be enough! You got to know more Right?

Atom Longboard Review

Atom Longboard is a leading brand that entered the market in 2005 which led to a revolution in Longboard. The board they make is in the hands of the client at the right price. And they are giving the assurance of the best quality product in one word. The best raw materials are collected and then used for atom board. As good as it feels for the client. No medium is used here. A good product is designed by a good driver and at the right price. This increases the client’s confidence and Atom Longboard Review is excellent from them. This is Atom’s guarantee. Also check this wonderful Product of hamboards.

characteristic of Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Versatile and durable Atom Drop Longboard Down to Earth is a beautiful combination of convenient features and affordable price.
This most stable board is preferred by everyone for downhill, it is perfect for long distance travel or for touring the city. Its design will ensure that the wheel will never be a problem. It will bite the ground. The combination of maple and bamboo makes this board very durable and strong. With ABEC-9 bearing high speed lubrication, including atom board gives very fast ride on long distance travel, gives test of stable smooth and comfortable travel. Its deck is so wide that people with big legs can drive it very comfortably. And its grip is so great that there is no problem. This atom board is not light but it is comfortable enough and it will make your animal’s place very nice.


  1. The price is the same and the options are different
  2. Material is used for maple decks at good prices
  3. There is no need to upgrade the road


  1. To get around quickly you need to loosen them up and the board tracks are soft.
  2. The urethane formula of the wheels is generic and sounds sensible.

Atom Pintail 39 Inch Longboard Review

These pintail boards can be run very comfortably in the city or on the suburban streets. Almost all of these boards do not have noses so it is not suitable for techniques. This atom pintail is 39 inches long and 9.4 inches wide with maple laminate. Different from other pintail and they keep the feet locked during fast carving. It has three graphics options to choose from.

The pintail models of the Atom have a 8.5 inch aluminum track and with the traditional kingpin placement and for that the turn of the board is excellent. These tracks are so perfect that they are perfect for cruising and carving but not stable at high speeds.

These pintail have atomic wheels with a 75 mm diameter and a 35 mm contact patch with a 7A durometer and they have large, full and wide cells. These are usually driven more than the wheels of a cruiser but are faster and more serious. ABEC-5 bearings will be slow and brittle and will need to be replaced faster than other components.


  1. The deck is perfect for its purpose, great size and shape.
  2. Perfect for entry level longboards.
  3. Perfect truck and wheel.


  1. Not so perfect for beginners.
  2. Not so perfect for technique.
  3. Not stable for high speed.

Final Verdict

We have come up with this Atom Longboard Review for people who are looking for a board that has long good style, good styled underside graphics and high-quality subdivision climbing, sliding in the city or suburbs and want to have a better experience.

I have described step by step what you need to know before buying Atom Longboard and I have arranged it step by step which will help you to choose the best Longboard. I hope it will meet your needs and includes a good longboard experience. Happy longboarding.

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